Knights and squires


Marion van de Klundert

Squiretest2011Horse: Beau
Squire update2014Horse: Beau
Knighttest2015Horse: Beau
Piaffe test2017Horse: Beau
One year dispensation2022


Ylvie Fros

The Netherlands

Squiretest2009Horse: Aranka
Squire update2014/2019Horse: Aranka/Fitzer
Bending of the haunches test2022Horse: Valentino


Eef Nibbelink

the Netherlands
+31 (0)6 141 250 58

Squiretest2015Horse: Andor (haflinger)
Squire update2020Horse: Solon (appaloosa/quarter cross)
Bending of the haunches test2022Horse: Zaïra (dutch warmblood)


Joëlle de Sterke

Squiretest2016Horse: Vingino
Squire update2021Horse: Vingino


Ria de Vos

Squiretest2011Horse: Ruby
Squire update2017/2022Horse: Tom


Lucie Klaassen

Squiretest2017Horse: Seni Lluis II
One year dispensation2022


Claudia Wolters

Kortenbos 1
5864 CW Meerlo
+31 612605804

Squiretest2011Horse: Oscar
Squire update2018Horse: Oscar


Judith van Esch

Squiretest2018Horse: Fidelio


Celine van der Stroom

Squiretest2019Horse: Woodstock


Miranda Hofmeester

Squiretest2019Horse: Giny


Angela Remie
Natalie v/d Meide
Marlous Eertink
Susanne Buijsse
Karin Wittebrood

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