Knights and squires

#131 Anna Eichinger

Squiretest2013Horse: Tarabaya
Squire update2014/2019Horse: Tarabaya

#207 Victora Portugal

Squiretest2018Horse: Amira
One year dispensation2023

#237 Julia Kiegerl

Squiretest2019Horse: Moon

#249 Martina Frei

Squiretest2021Horse: Boemio Lusitano

#271 Susanna Glaser

Squiretest2022Horse: Sleipnir von Semriach (Islandic)

#280 Eva Kopecek

Squiretest2023Horse: Nora (Noriker)


Petra Grünleitner
Lisei Müller-Sturmhöfel
Martina Angerer
Laura Haitzmann
Verena Harum
Andrea Harrer

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