#1 Bent Branderup

Toreby östergade 4
DK-4891 Toreby L
+45 30631674

Knights and squires

#58 Michelle Wolf

Enggaarden, Skolen for Akademisk Ridekunst
Hellebjergvej 27
3120 Dronningmölle
(+45) 49 70 46 60

Knighttest2003Horse: Calinka
Piaffe test2007/2012Horse: Uno DV
Levade test2017Horse: Uno DV
Bending of the haunches test2023Horse: Andaluz, PRE

#99 Maiken Milly Howard

Squiretest2009Horse: Mariesminde’s Dansiamo DV (2001)
Knighttest2010/2015Horse: Mariesminde’s Dansiamo DV (2001)
Squiretest2020Horse: YC Templari, PRE (2005)

#107 Maria Dalsgaard Cheung

Squiretest2012Horse: Nande DV, Welsh cob (2004)
Knighttest2013Horse: Nande DV, Welsh cob (2004)
Piaffe test2019Horse: Denjo, PRE (2001)
Levade test2021Horse: Denjo, PRE (2001)

#116 Kathrin Branderup

Toreby Østergade 4
4891 Toreby L

(+45) 30 63 16 47

Squiretest2013Horse: Nebo
Squire update2014/2019Horse: Nebo/Indus
Piaffe test2021Horse: Nebo

#133 Katrine Thygesen Buur

Squiretest2005Horse: Komma frá Kommu
Squire update2014Horse: Komma frá Kommu
Piaffe test2019Horse: Komma frá Kommu

#202 Maja Caspersen

Squiretest2010Horse: Fairy
Squire update2018Horse: Fairy
One year dispensation2023

#220 Malene Ottesen

Squiretest2018Horse: Daylight, New Forest
One year dispensation2023

#233 Mette Drachmann Høier

Squiretest2019Horse: ?


Susanne Lanciai
Rebecca Stærk Larsen
Connie Hansen
Charlotte Banff Lyngaae
Tanja Sau
Line Sangill
Maria Vest Have
Dorthe Skjoldager
Christel Resborn
Frederikke Bjørnbirk

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