#67 Christofer Dahlgren

Knighttest2004Horse: Benson
Piaffe test2006Horse: Siglavy Capriola Zetor
Terre-a-terre test2011Horse: Nicky
Levade test2011Horse: Saxo
Passage test2015Horse: Saxo
Canter test2015Horse: Saxo
Croupade test2015Horse: Saxo
Master test2016Horse: Saxo

Knights and squires

#78 Elise Nilsson

Knighttest2006/2018Horse: Ravelli, Warmblood
Piaffe test2007Horse: Ravelli, Warmblood
Levade test2011Horse: Ravelli, Warmblood
Canter test2013Horse: Rulle, Gotland pony
Bending of the haunches test2023Horse: ?

#84 Anna Lindh

Knighttest2006Horse: Melissa, Swedish warmblood
Squiretest2018Horse: El Diablo, PRE/Swedish coldbloodtrotter
Piaffe test2020Horse: El Diablo, PRE/Swedish coldbloodtrotter
Bending of the haunches test2023Horse: El Diablo, PRE/Swedish coldbloodtrotter

#97 Anna Clara Olofsson

Squiretest2005Horse: Educada, PRE
Knighttest2010Horse: Educada, PRE
Squire update2015/2020Horse: Acacia, PRE

#119 Maria Norberg


Squiretest2013Horse: Sir Lancelot
Squire update2014Horse: Sir Lancelot
Piaffe test2018Horse: Hille
Squire update2023Horse: Loff, Coldbloodtrotter

#120 Camilla Frisell

Squiretest2012Horse: Zambia, Lusitano
Squire update2014/2019Horse: Zambia, Lusitano
Squiretest2008Horse: Filur
Squire update2014/2019Horse: Davizin/Wilhelm

#172 Stinelo Wiking

Squiretest2011Horse: Flyger, Newforest
Squire update2014Horse: Gulliver
Piaffe test2018Horse: Flyger, Newforest
One year dispensation2023

#185 Sonia-Maria Ask

Squiretest2017Horse: Bruno, Basjkir Horse
Squire update2019Horse: Bruno, Basjkir Horse
Bending of the haunches test2023Horse: Bruno, Basjkir Horse

#198 Cecilia Müller

Squiretest2018Horse: Dennah, Arabian
Squire update2023Horse: Dennah, Arabian

#214 Rebecca Dahlgren

Squiretest2018Horse: Sheridan, Connemara
Bending of the haunches test2023Horse: Simba, Arabian

#231 Maria Holmström

Squiretest2019Horse: Bröta, Coldblood trotter

#241 Beata Kratz

Squiretest2020Horse: Ravelli, Swedish warmblood

#257 Frida Sörensen

Squiretest2022Horse: Ferlin, Swedish warmblood

#258 Anette Bordier

Squiretest2022Horse: GG Deseado

#270 Caroline Berg

Squiretest2023Horse: Donaire (hispano)

#275 Marie Weigardh

Squiretest2023Horse: ?


Katrin Wallberg
Hanna Engström
Frida Källgren
Åsa Wallin
Amie Dahlqvist
Camilla Paraniak
Mariana Melin
Maggie Nyroos
Tomas Schönfeldt
Lotte Lekholm
Ramona Dolan
Lena Cedergren
Angelica Hesselius
Ann Niglgard
Katarina Rymal
Josefine Backman
Gunnel Brydolf
Anke Carius

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