At the Round Table in 2017 the decision was made, that Bent should decide about the topic for Summer Academy 2018. The topic both for the lecture(s) and for the brain pool will be “Focus on the Forehand”.

We will have a lecture about the anatomy of the forehand and its’ connection to the rest of the body. (Details about the lecture will follow.)

We will discuss our experiences regarding following questions: How does the forehand function in different movement patterns? How does the frame and the shape of the horse affect the activity of the forehand? How does the activity of the hindquarters influence the forehand and vice versa? How can the activity and positioning of the forehand be influenced positively during groundwork, riding and longeing?

Summer Academy 2018 starts on wednesday 1st of August. All (new) members are invited. (Minimum requirement: passing a Squire Examination, no exceptions). The invitation will be shared on this homepage in April/May.

All members of the Knighthood who have an account on Facebook can join the group of the Knighthood on Facebook. If you are a member and want to be added to the group, please contact Kathrin Branderup-Tannous via FB-Messenger.

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