Round Table 2010


At the round table the following knights, squires and rings are recorded in the books:

New knights 2010

#96 Corina Reubold-Lixfield – Recommended by Corinna Schubert
#97 Anna Clara Olofsson – Recommended by Katrin Walberg
#98 Kristina Winholz – Recommended by Bent Branderup
#99 Maiken Bjergaard – Recommended by Bent Branderup

New squires 2010

  1. Julia Schrempf – Recommended by Eva stix
  2. Ingela Brunnberg – Recommended by Carina Branderup
  3. Charlotta Agard Orsmark – Recommended by Carina Branderup
  4. Anki Gustavsson – Recommended by Carina Branderup
  5. Maja Caspersen – Recommended by Hanna Engström
  6. Claudia Straus – Recommended by Ulrike Hug
  7. Rebecca Lega – Recommended by Katrin Wallberg
  8. Petra Wenzel – Recommended by Sabine Kellinger
  9. Karin wittebrood – Recommended by Marijke de Jong
  10. Sonja Braafhart – Recommended by Marijke de Jong
  11. Martit Kretschmar – Recommended by Corinna Schubert
  12. Julia Schnatterbeck – Recommended by Corinna Schubert
  13. Linda Ritzen – Recommended by Elise Nilsson

New rings 2010

Piaffe ring

  • Eva Stix
  • Andrea Harrer
  • Kristina Winholz

Canter ring

  • Petra Grunleitner

Levade ring

  • Marijke de Jong

Descisions at the Round Table

  • Dispensation for 1 year to stay an active knight:
        • Belinda Bolsenbroek
        • Hanna Engström
        • Ulrike Hug
  • .If the squire succeeded the longe test this will be showed on this website.
  • The word ‘Courbette‘ will no longer be used. In stead the word ‘Croupade’ will be used.
  • The levade/terre à terre ring will be separated in 2 rings, the courbette ring will released.
  • So a knight can enter him/herself into the examinations for the following gold rings:
    • Piaffe ring
    • Passage ring
    • Canter ring
    • Levade ring
    • Terre à terre ring (former courbette ring)
    • High school ring (2 jumps: croupade and ballotade/capriole)


  • The content of the terre à terre test:
  1. Transition piaffe – terre à terre to both sides
  2. Quarter in in terre à terre to both sides
  3. Shoulder in in terre à terre to both sides
  4. Half pirouette in terre à terre to both sides
  5. Bended -straight terre à terre to both sides
  6. Straight- straight terre à terre on the center line


  • An aspirant-squire is allowed to ride the squiretest with a neck rein/cordeo or without any reins. The judge has to give permission before the test begins.
  • To get in the squire- or knightbook the new squire or knight has to appear at the round table together with the knight who will recommend this new squire/knight.
  • The website of a knight will be shown on this website only if the knight contributes 25 euro at the round table.
  • Eva Stix is the new table master of Austria.
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