Contact info on homepage 1 year

20,00  inc. VAT

Carefully read the information below, to be sure that you chose the right option for you.


This is for you who has made a knight or a squire test and is, or will this year be, written into the book of Knights and Squires.

You can then have your contact information put on the homepage. You can have your
phone number
e-mail address
homepage address

put on the homepage for 1 year. You can chose what information you want to have on the homepage, the fee is the same.

If you chose NOT to pay for having your contact information on the homepage, you will only have your name, number in the knighthood, horses name and photo of you and your horse on the homepage. That will be as long as you are updated within the 5-year rule.

You have made a longe- and groundwork test.
You have then made a Squire test for which you have paid 400€ for, or you have made a Knight test for which you have paid 600€.

If your Squire test was brought up earlier than SA2013, and you have not updated that test, you shall NOT chose this option.

Pricing information:
* Squire examination – 400 Euro (Squire tests brought up before SA2014 costed 300€. Such a squire has to update his/her test and have it brought up at a SA for 100€, before making any other following tests.)
* Knight examination – 200 Euro
* Ring examination – 300 Euro
* Master examination – 600 Euro

* Updating any examination – 0 Euro