Week Students

Squires, Knights and professional riders can attend private lessons on a weekly basis with Bent Branderup here at Lindegården in Denmark.

Lessons with Bent:
Price 500€ pr. week (excl. tax). 1 lesson a day, Monday-Friday.

Price pr. day pr. box: 20€ (excl. tax), straw and daily visit on a paddock included. The price is without hay and other food, and you have to muck your own stables and paddock.

For more information please contact Bent Branderup on: mail@bentbranderup.dk

Where to stay

Now we can offer you rooms at Lindegården at very reasonable prices.
A bed is 30€ pr. night. There is one double bedroom and one single bedroom.

Bed clothes and towels are included.

You will share kitchen and living room with our practicants.

You can make the booking on mail@bentbranderup.dk

You can also find a place to stay on www.tinf.dk

Pictures of the bedrooms: